Videowall HD

Videowall HD

Videowall is the first, only and best video wallpaper application for your Mac. Over 24 stunning full HD video wallpapers are included. Moreover, you can choose and use your own videos, your webcam or a screensaver as wallpaper.

The relaxing wallpapers will allow you to work significantly more relaxed on your Mac. Some of the other videos are thrilling and a nice visual effect for your desktop.

If this still is not enough, you can even select a screensaver as wallpaper. For instance your iTunes album covers will be animated as wallpaper.

We are continuously improving the application and keep adding new functions. If you have any feature requests or criticism, let us know!

We will regularly add new video backgrounds to the application.


  1. Jorge A. Ruiz |

    Very nice app, I’m completely in love with this app. Makes your Mac just awesome to look at.

  2. Hello. Your app is fantastic.
    Only one request… A loop function for the video that I import from my computer will be very nice.
    I hope you will read my comment :)


  3. Like it a lot – I’m looking forward to more wallpapers

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