Lyrica 2

Lyrica 2

**Because of some copyright issues, Lyrica isn’t available anymore. We try to negotiate with the music publishers to get Lyrica as soon as possible back to the Mac App Store. We apologize for this circumstances. If you already bought Lyrica, it is now possible to download it again (from the purchased section in the Mac App Store). If you need support, please contact us at muffinstory_dev (at@) **

Lyrica is the ultimate lyrics app. It makes the searching and adding of lyrics to songs from your iTunes library as fast, simple and easy as possible!

The app automatically searches and displayes the right lyrics of the currently playing song. To make sure that Lyrica finds the appropriate lyrics, we added seven databases, the app searches through. With Lyrica 2 will also improved the overall search engine, so nearly every lyrics will be found.

You can also select an iTunes playlist and the app will download all the lyrics and add them to the songs from the playlist.

But there is one more feature: Even if you only remember a small text passage of a song, Lyrica will find the song.

With Lyrica 2 we introducing a complete new user interface that lets you enjoy using the app.

Here is a overview of the 3 main functions of Lyrica:

  • It shows and adds the lyrics of the currently playing song
  • It adds all lyrics to songs from a selected iTunes playlist
  • It lets you search for lyrics you can only remember a small text passage

We will continuously add new features to Lyrica, because we love our users and of course our app.

The fantastic icon is made by Ömer Özer, you can contact him at:

Get the app here: Mac App Store Link


Belive it or not, but we submitted already our next update 2.1. The following new features will be included in 2.1:

  • Edit lyrics manually
  • Print lyrics
  • Set the window level
  • See/export a list of all the songs where the lyrics could be/could be not found in the playlist function
  • Optional: Classical music detection
  • Optional: Display Lyrica news at launch, if available
  • “Search through the entire music library” searches now only lyrics for music

Please write your reviews and comments in the Mac App Store, so other users can read them. For questions or feature-requests, simply write a comment on this site or write an email at muffinstory_dev (at @)



  1. Great new features in 2.1 update !
    Homever, the app seems quite sluggish to find lyrics, slower than the widget I was using before.
    It’s name is

    Also, if you want to translate your software in other languages, I could help for French.


  2. I don’t understand. You seem to have disappeared. And what about Lyrica ? Will it be discontinued ? There’s plenty of work to make to enbetter it !


  3. Sounds like a few pirates pissed him off a bit. Doesn’t make sense to me.


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