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The one expecting, that there are not stuffy businessmen that hide behind this name is completely right.

In actual fact it are two eightteen-year-old boys loving to develop Apps who secrete themselves behind this notation.

Since November of 2009 we are riveted by “Header and Implementation file” and simply don’t get away from it.

It all started out discovering the iPhone SDK and various tutorials teaching basic stuff.

Raw user interfaces equipped with a single textfield, labels and a single button were tediously animated to show a dusty “Hello World” when activated by a button click.

Several books teaching how to develop were inspected and we started to put simple ideas into practice. Everyone knows about the quote “Learning by Doing”. It worked for us too and due to extensive experiments with code and the Interface Builder we soon got a feeling to handle classes, methods and the depth of inheritance.

Winged by many ideas we figured out that we could not keep them for ourselves but should rather share them with everyone else.

One evening we touched upon the idea of a common enterprise and a few moments later we began to look for a suitable name.

Hours passed by and every suggestion made by one of us was rejected by the other one. Suddenly the expression “MuffinStory” fell and we could finally arrive at an agreement that would please both of us.

Between then and now we fiddled about with our ideas that meant the one or other night without sleep to us.

… with no end in sight.

Florian – Programmer and co-founder


my name is Florian, I am 18 years old and – who would’ve expected – I love programming. Another nonplus ultra hobby of mine is piano playing and improvisation just as performing on the stage (=theatre).

And in order to steal my co-worker’s phrasing (@Adrian: :P): As one might say I walk through life with an everlasting positive attitude and a smile on my face. :)

Twitter: flocked

Facebook: florian.zand


Adrian – Former Programmer and co-founder


it’s me Adrian, I am a 18-year-old student and live in Barsinghausen.

Whenever I got some spare time i spend it with my friends, my guitar, theatre and other great activities. As one might say I walk through life with an everlasting positive attitude and a smile on my face. (•:

Comment: Adrian left in April MuffinStory for personal reasons.

Facebook: AdrianHae

Florian flicks the muffin away!

der Adrian

Adrian. surrounded by muffins

Florian and the vampire muffin